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Do You Know What Life Will Be Like In 5 Years? IBM’s Top Scientist Does

In the 5 in 5 report IBM’s top scientists report on what the world, supported by smart sensing and computing, will look like in five years. Last week, Fast Company previewed the report with the physicist who heads up the research team: Dr. Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow, and Vice President of Innovation.

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Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships 2013

The Annual National Beard and Mustache Championships took place on September 7th in New Orleans, Louisiana at the world-famous House of Blues. The competition involved 150 contestants from the US, Europe and Canada and participated in 17 different categories. Judges determined which contestant’s facial hair best enhanced his overall appearance, style, and personality. Las Vegas-based photographer Greg Anderson was there to immortalize the event and capture a series of crazy portraits.

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